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Bagels Buns, Sticky Rolls and Cookies



OG image


Our OG bun. It has a golden-brown crust that crackles slightly and a soft warm interior.

Everything image


Our golden brown bun generously coasted with seeds, spices and seasonings that completes this savory flavor profile.

Sesame image


A classic choice, golden brown crust sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The seeds adds a nutty flavor to a delightful crunch in every bite.

Vegan Cheese image

Vegan Cheese

This crisp bagel is generously topped with vegan cheese that provides a creamy and savory taste.

Cinnamon image


A cinnamon flavored bagel is a delightful blend of sweetness and spice, perfect for any cozy day.


Chocolate Chips image

Chocolate Chips

Classic treat, our cookies have a golden exterior with a crisp surrounding the edges, while the interior stays soft and chewy. Scattered through are semi sweet chocolate chips that create a rich and gooey bite.

Bacon Chocolate Chips image

Bacon Chocolate Chips

A cookie with bacon is an intriguing fusion of sweet and savory flavors, offering a unique twist on the traditional cookie. Bits of crispy, smoky bacon are incorporated into the dough, providing a surprising and delightful contrast to the cookie's sweetness.

Coconut Walnut image

Coconut Walnut

A delight blend of nutty and tropical flavors, creating a rich and textured treat. Chunks of earthy and slight bitter walnuts mixed with sweet and delicate coconut flakes results in a harmonious taste.

Lemon White Chocolate image

Lemon White Chocolate

A refreshing and indulgent treat, balancing tangy citrus with a creamy sweetness. Infused with bright, zesty lemon flavors along that contrast with the rich and smooth chunks of white chocolate. Making this cookie fragrant and delicious.

Raspberry White Chocolate image

Raspberry White Chocolate

A delightful blend of tartness and sweetness, creating a vibrant and indulgent flavor. The aroma is inviting, with hints of fresh raspberries and sweet vanilla. Making each bite a satisfying experience.

Caramel Espresso image

Caramel Espresso

A decadent treat that combines rich, indulgent flavors with hints of bitterness and sweetness. Swirls of caramel add in luxurious and chewy texture while the dough is infused with a robust espresso flavor that enhances the the overall of the cookie.

Sticky Rolls

Sticky Rolls image

Sticky Rolls

Known for their soft, fluffy texture and rich, sweet flavors. This roll is topped with a buttery maple syrup that gives it an irresistible taste.

Disclaimer: All orders will be made and delivered next day. We want to ensure you get freshly baked goods.
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