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Enjoy food again!

You have one life, live it deliciously

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Don’t fear food, enjoy it.

Making delicious and healthy meals doesn't have to be impossible, but it is our mission. Bringing great meals to your door when you don’t have the time or energy.

We have a menu where modifications and customizations are welcomed. We hit ever major allergy. Which means we take the necessary steps to ensure your meals are fit to your diets! 

Order your meal Monday - Thursday

Deliveries are Sunday. 


My story

Back in 2020 we started off as simply selling desserts of different varieties from home. Only to be expanding into the world of culinary. Chef Bruni has been pursuing this journey studying and learning from every opportunity given to her. Now a mother, wife and a chef she’s opening up her own restaurant to reconnect communities with fresh and delicious food.

From fresh ingredients to homemade sauces, we're bringing the best of the culinary world to your home. Sourcing our produce from local areas means your food isn’t frozen or been shelved for months.


How my journey started

Working in restaurants I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of food that goes to waste and how poorly food was handle. I wanted to find a place where you knew where your produce was from and waste was little to none.


So the research began to find local agriculture in the area and finding better ways to recycle or renew our waste. From reusing vegetables for compost or stocks. To finding reusable bowls and bags to keep our paper waste down. The journey is far from over but it’s a great way to start!

Inside Greenhouse

We've teamed up with vendors to bring the best. This way we know who's growing the produce and the care they take in providing the best quality ingredients. 

Weekly made so you truly get fresh and never frozen meals. The highest of quality. No subscriptions or memberships needed. Pay for what you need.  

How are we


Where i am now

Where I am now

Starting a small business to help the community receive the best meals they deserve. While I have the support of family and friends I'll continue to look for ways to improve, expand and elevate.


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